Thursday, 16 February 2012


Just recently, I had the privilege of having a piece of a blog entry on Fernweh Magazine. Fernweh is an online magazine full of fashion, travel, photos, food and written words. I feel so privileged :) Thank you so much Fernweh Magazine :)

To see the post click HERE

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January in Photos.

Oh us. :)

Holiday Nails + Bokeh

Mom and her New Christmas Camera

The Beautiful Em.

Ruby Red.

The Feathers from my rooster that now reside in my hair.

Beautiful Ice crystals.

My Handsome.

Its mid january and the snow is lacking.

Henry the evil miniature rooster. 

Hoar Frost.

Questioning the temperature outside.
Melon. Lennon.

A dead mouse I found sitting in the snow, I suspect melon. Is it not funny how he is just sitting there though?

My new rodent. He is nameless, but OH so cute.
 I am blessed. How was your January?


Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Bag It.

Oh the purse!

  I love going through my purse. Its made from cow hide, and purchased in Ensenada Mexico at La Bufadora. I think a bag says quite a lot about someones personality, or Purse-onality if you may! (I know, I know, that was rather lame, but everyone needs a lame joke every now and then!)

 Today I took the liberty of dumping its contents into my ever so beautiful vintage Jetliner suitcase with red satin interior. Lovely, isn't it?

 Lets Go through my day-to-day life item by item, yes?

1. Leather Satchel, for small runaway items.
2. My fantastic WonderWoman wallet (Favorite Superhero since childhood)
3. Blistex. I never go anywhere without it. ESPECIALLY in the cold and dry winter season.
4. SMASH book.
5. Flower Change purse, Brought back from Spain by my Momma Bear.
6. Pure Coconut Hair serum. Sooo incredible.
7. Make-up: Foundation, Mascara, Lip gloss etc... oh, and a fine tipped sharpie.
8. Nixon Cougar Watch. Beautiful.
9. Hand Lotion.
10. "Bacon Mints" Tin, filled with advil, NOT Bacon Mints.
11. My little man.
12. Devine White Chocolate with Strawberries.
13. CO. Bigelow Lemon Lip Cream, for that extra sweet kiss <3.
14. Cell phone. I like to think it is temporary until I can afford an iPhone. I am an apple girl.
15. Scavenged Bracelet for moments i need to feel extra pretty.

There you go all, a look into my Purse-onal life. (I know, I know. Not funny at all.).

Whats in your bag?


Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Boys.

Yesterday I caught them basking in the beautiful winter sunlight. They are both so handsome.

So content.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Birthday Post.

The sun shone brightly, staining every surface with a golden hue. Camera in hand, That Guy and I set off on an adventure. An adventure to ice, open water, mud, cat-tails, and sunshine. Our shoes became wet in this spring like weather, neither of us properly footed for our adventures. my moccasins quickly became cold, and his cowboy boots wet. Who cares though, right? on that day our footwear defined our personalities.

The reservoir was bright blue, the sun reflecting off of the large portion of water where it had melted the ice. We sat on the dock, taking photos, laughing, and talking. The fuzzes from battered cat-tail reeds hung in the air, stuck to our jeans, shirts and hair, floating down, finally settling on the dock. The sky was blue, vibrant yet soft like that "Old Ford" blue colour, without a single cloud.

We continued in search of adventure "Eenie-Meeny-Miny-Moe-ing" our lefts and rights until we finally decided on Max Lake.

Max Lake has a beautiful pine tree forest. The tree tall, the earth below them dark and moist. Moss covers every surface, and the trees seem to just keep going. walking in there is like walking in to some sort of dark fairy tale. Its incredible. My imagination runs wild in there, and if I was alone the result would be me curling into a ball and waiting for the darkness to disappear, but when one is not alone, you see the beauty within. In my mind, there are trolls, and lightning bugs, wolves, and one unicorn. Its the most beautiful place for miles around.

Entirely magical.

I love birthdays.

. . .and adventures. Especially with That Guy.