This is I.

Here are some story-book images for you. They can be used as visuals to understand what parts of my personality are the most interesting right about now.

My name is Meadow Marie, currently I am . . .

A Country Girl.

An admirer of Gods' creation.

Comfortable on grey days.

Attracted to cowboys. (especially That Guy.)

A wearer of red nail polish.

 The happiest ever, because of That Guy (and That Guy, two pictures up, lucky for me, they are the same guy!).

Amazed by small creatures. 

The most comfortable in my moccasins. 

Content in Autumn.  

Comfortable in cluttered spaces.

A drinker of sweet tea.

A Caretaker for my mentally deranged cat (whom I love dearly). 

Not ashamed of having Eugene for a brother. (Photo compliments of ABBEY)

A walker in Converse. 

A dog person.

A photographer of many things.

Hopefully this helped you in you questioning of "Who the hec runs this blog thats occasionally boring, and spontaneously entertaining?"

I know it helped me. And I wrote it. About myself.