Thursday, 12 January 2012

My Boys.

Yesterday I caught them basking in the beautiful winter sunlight. They are both so handsome.

So content.


Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Birthday Post.

The sun shone brightly, staining every surface with a golden hue. Camera in hand, That Guy and I set off on an adventure. An adventure to ice, open water, mud, cat-tails, and sunshine. Our shoes became wet in this spring like weather, neither of us properly footed for our adventures. my moccasins quickly became cold, and his cowboy boots wet. Who cares though, right? on that day our footwear defined our personalities.

The reservoir was bright blue, the sun reflecting off of the large portion of water where it had melted the ice. We sat on the dock, taking photos, laughing, and talking. The fuzzes from battered cat-tail reeds hung in the air, stuck to our jeans, shirts and hair, floating down, finally settling on the dock. The sky was blue, vibrant yet soft like that "Old Ford" blue colour, without a single cloud.

We continued in search of adventure "Eenie-Meeny-Miny-Moe-ing" our lefts and rights until we finally decided on Max Lake.

Max Lake has a beautiful pine tree forest. The tree tall, the earth below them dark and moist. Moss covers every surface, and the trees seem to just keep going. walking in there is like walking in to some sort of dark fairy tale. Its incredible. My imagination runs wild in there, and if I was alone the result would be me curling into a ball and waiting for the darkness to disappear, but when one is not alone, you see the beauty within. In my mind, there are trolls, and lightning bugs, wolves, and one unicorn. Its the most beautiful place for miles around.

Entirely magical.

I love birthdays.

. . .and adventures. Especially with That Guy.

Monday, 9 January 2012

A Walk In Good Company.

Yesterday we had some friends over, and the day was beautiful.

 Long walks. Beautiful people. Happy donkey. Delicious food.

Indie Catches a Ride
My Beautiful Sister

Ruby. Isnt She Precious?
She Ran Around like a puppy the whole time.
And of Course Lennon Came Along.


The weather is Beautiful. 
Whats your Favorite Season?


P.S. I have twitter now! I am still pretty skeptical about this, as it is fairly new to me, but I will give it a go.

Meadow Maria - NearlyFancy


Dear darling little Meadow.
I hope you are having the finest of days. Did you clean out the peacock stalls yet? The neighbors are dropping dead from the stench. Welcome to the last day of the rest of your days, enjoy this oversized cupcake made by a tiny fly from New Joisey! It is orange flavored sprinkles, delightfull isnt it? What i cant hear you! The reception is terrible in this cave! Watch out for the angry camel hiding in there! When he gets mad he starts to do the macarena for 13 hours straight! Welcome to Tim Hortons hears a who! Would you like a bowling ball? They are half price or 2 for 12 dollars, Your decision! When are you going to bring me that window I ordered? I need it to spy on the dancing camel! Watch out dancing camel, Im Watching you! BRAIDS OF DOOM.

My cousin Chloe wrote me this letter for christmas when she was in a mood she calls "Peachy" I giggle everytime I read it. I presume it is worthy of sharing!


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Carrot on a String.

Sometime in november we sat and talked. Pardon me, I talked, and That Guy listened. I suppose we were sharing childhood stories, or something of the such. To be entirely honest, I dont recall the conversation at all.

Ever since I was young, and of the cartoon watching age, I wanted to ride in a sleigh, and have the animal pulling, trying to reach a carrot on a string. Sort of like the picture below... except not even close. However, I am sure you get the idea. All rights Reserved to Ron Leishman.

Anyways, This fall my mother got a Miniature donkey. Her name is Ruby and she is the sweetest. She likes to nuzzel, and we take her on walks, she runs on ahead just like an incredible large puppy that has the potential to maul you to the ground and bite harder and faster than any other animal on this farm.

SO. In his own head, he came up with his very own idea for christmas. He never once hinted towards it, nor did I. I completely did NOT know what to expect for christmas. On the days nearing christmas I did not see That Guy very much due to the countless hours he spent in his shop, creating my christmas gift.

I was absolutely bafffled. He built me a beautiful little sleigh for ruby to pull. Its festively painted (I wait all year long for christmas) and the seat is beautifully covered in a deer hide from the first deer he ever shot as a kid. A little bit sentimental, right? I am still so amazed every time I look out the window.

Isn't It an absolute beauty? I am in love.

Phase 2. Harness Search

Phase 3. Let it Snow

Phase 4. Training.

I am crazy excited. He is so Amazing to me.

-Cheers <3