Monday, 9 January 2012


Dear darling little Meadow.
I hope you are having the finest of days. Did you clean out the peacock stalls yet? The neighbors are dropping dead from the stench. Welcome to the last day of the rest of your days, enjoy this oversized cupcake made by a tiny fly from New Joisey! It is orange flavored sprinkles, delightfull isnt it? What i cant hear you! The reception is terrible in this cave! Watch out for the angry camel hiding in there! When he gets mad he starts to do the macarena for 13 hours straight! Welcome to Tim Hortons hears a who! Would you like a bowling ball? They are half price or 2 for 12 dollars, Your decision! When are you going to bring me that window I ordered? I need it to spy on the dancing camel! Watch out dancing camel, Im Watching you! BRAIDS OF DOOM.

My cousin Chloe wrote me this letter for christmas when she was in a mood she calls "Peachy" I giggle everytime I read it. I presume it is worthy of sharing!


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