Sunday, 8 January 2012

Carrot on a String.

Sometime in november we sat and talked. Pardon me, I talked, and That Guy listened. I suppose we were sharing childhood stories, or something of the such. To be entirely honest, I dont recall the conversation at all.

Ever since I was young, and of the cartoon watching age, I wanted to ride in a sleigh, and have the animal pulling, trying to reach a carrot on a string. Sort of like the picture below... except not even close. However, I am sure you get the idea. All rights Reserved to Ron Leishman.

Anyways, This fall my mother got a Miniature donkey. Her name is Ruby and she is the sweetest. She likes to nuzzel, and we take her on walks, she runs on ahead just like an incredible large puppy that has the potential to maul you to the ground and bite harder and faster than any other animal on this farm.

SO. In his own head, he came up with his very own idea for christmas. He never once hinted towards it, nor did I. I completely did NOT know what to expect for christmas. On the days nearing christmas I did not see That Guy very much due to the countless hours he spent in his shop, creating my christmas gift.

I was absolutely bafffled. He built me a beautiful little sleigh for ruby to pull. Its festively painted (I wait all year long for christmas) and the seat is beautifully covered in a deer hide from the first deer he ever shot as a kid. A little bit sentimental, right? I am still so amazed every time I look out the window.

Isn't It an absolute beauty? I am in love.

Phase 2. Harness Search

Phase 3. Let it Snow

Phase 4. Training.

I am crazy excited. He is so Amazing to me.

-Cheers <3

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  1. Fun! I hope phases 2-4 happen for quickly for you!