Saturday, 7 January 2012

A Holiday Update.

New dirtbiking gloves.


Clearly dad is uninformed on the topic of focusing, but takes a photo anyway.

Beautiful new camera strap :)

Pretty little presents from Abbey

The green green grass on December 25th.

A lovely walk on the frozen lake.

A picture in a picture.

New boots.... yes, my christmas present to myself.

The sunlight was gorgeous.

And dinner was delectable.

She is so indie.

And he, is so redneck.

Merry Christmas all!

Well there was an update on my beautiful christmas day.
Hope yours was equally enjoyable :)



  1. Yay! You're blogging again! This makes me happy.

    one- sneaky you, taking photos of me from behind and whatnot.

    two- watching your dad attempting to take self portraits was one of the best parts of my holidays.

    three- i quite enjoy that photo of kazan in all his redneck-ness.

    four- when do i get to see you again?


  2. "she is so endie" then "and he is so redneck". classic. seriously. i loved this so much. i can't pick a favorite photo because they're all amazing. but if i was extremely partial i would have to say the glasses. lovely.
    -jocee <3