Saturday, 12 November 2011


Its cold outside this morning, the sky grey and the air still. Recently we've had our first snowfall, and for the most pat, it has managed to stick around. Outside it is beautiful, the grass lies in amongst a blanket of snow, and all glass surfaces are crisp with the tracks of jack frost. Christmas in nearly here (less than two months) and i find that it is now suitable to listen to christmas music. Sufjan Stevens christmas albums fill the air as i contemplate breakfast.

This morning started beautifully, my eyes opened without hesitation as my phone buzzed repeatedly on the floor. "Goodmorning my Love". I wont see the Cowboy today, he is out on the field driving cattle back onto the farm. My thoughts wander, and i wish i were there with a camera. The crisp white coating on every surface, the loud purr of the tractor, warm gloves and jackets, and the concentrated look on his face while he works. All of these things i would love to have captured in my photo library.
That Guy and His Concentrated Face
Alas! all is not lost! Tonight is girls night, the ladies will come, laughter and food will be shared. I cant wait. Now, I should likely get out of bed an consider providing myself with some nutrition.

Cheers & Happy Hollidays,

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