Monday, 26 September 2011

The Milkshake Post.

Yesterday was a grand day. I had not seen Elmo in a while, and as far as sisters go, almost anytime spent away is too long. Thus i started my car, and took off in the direction she was in. Upon my arrival, we had the brilliant (or not so brilliant) idea of making a milkshake. Let me tell you, it was  a mother milkshake. In fact, we had so much milkshake, we couldn't find big enough cups.

And thus, we ate it out of a large mixing bowl/measuring cup type thing. It was glorious.

When our tummies were full of milkshake, we found ourselves sitting in our little brothers car. Taking pictures and pretending to drive. Its is the most beautiful little Toyota I have ever come across.

We are Best Friends.

Our car themed siesta was followed by a walk down the dusty dirt road. There's just something about back country roads in the prairies. The sun creeps below the Towns minuscule skyline, and the unharvested fields dance softly to the rhythm of the wind. Okay, so that was cheesy. But I am the queen of cheesy. Also, it was very very true. I love where I am from, and sisterhood evenings like these, are simply the best.

Sunday, 25 September 2011


WIP. that is what this is, a work in progress. Currently i am putting this together, and have not yet actually released this into the public. and thus, if you happen upon this now, and find nothing of interest, try your best to not skip over me, as my fingers do to the likes of this keyboard. The reason you see nothing exciting here, is simply because, there is nothing here. Click the little follow button and give me a chance to get things up and organized, i wont disappoint you. Promise.

Much Love,


Saturday, 24 September 2011

Comic Books, Cameras, And the USS Enterprise

I have come to a conclusion. 
I am a nerd at heart. 
    Many of you may already know this, but there aren’t very many things that make me happier than sitting down with a Harry Potter book, or a group of friends for a game of scrabble. I came to this conclusion today, while I was expected to be helping with chores outside, but instead I was lying in the snow, getting sat on by my huge yellow dog. And by sat on, I mean sat on. Literally. He sat his huge self down right on my stomach, making breathing a difficult task. 
    Yesterday I spent about three hours playing with my Nikon D200. Running test shots, and introducing myself to the camera, its many black buttons looking menacingly up towards me. Figuring out the modes and functions is a daunting task for those of us who tend to “Think” that we are technology savvy.
    Between creating posters for the schools drama group, and flipping through my collection of old superhero comics from the 1970’s, I would say my afternoon was well spent. Lennon lies in my lap, curled into a ball, tired from his adventurous day of running around outside in the second snowfall of the year. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed the while driving outside at night, in the snow, if you turn your brights on every snowflakes come hurtling towards you at un-imaginable speeds? To me they look like stars which makes me feel like I am Captain James T Kirk, flying my way through the galaxy in the USS Enterprise. Weird. I know.
   Tonight is Thursday. Thursday is Scrabble night. I plan on dominating. Again. 
The clock strikes 4:46 and its finally time to go downstairs and retrieve some coffee, or chocolate, or something. Either way, its time to take some more pictures.

Blankets And Tearful Tea Leaves

The smoke curls endlessly off the tip of the incense stick as the loose green tea leaves steep in the small blue teapot beside me. Today, my yard was covered, blanketed in snow. A huge white comforter over a foot thick. The fall leaves and green grass have been put to rest. I woke up this morning, sure of having school, only to learn there was too much snow, and it needed to be cancelled. We went from zero to everything, in just one night.
Lennon had never seen snow. He shook violently as I pulled him out from under the snow blanket, snow-flakes falling over his face and eyes. He sat in my arms and shook, letting out the tiniest audible noise. He was less than enjoying himself. I don’t blame him. Who likes snow that is 5 inches higher than the tip of their ears? He now lies, curled up, breathing deeply as he softly purrs, eyes closed.
Outside, the sky is a dark hue of blue, the trees shiver as snow jumps from their branches. Someone walks to the front door, I know this, because the snow beneath their feet is crisp, and makes a crunching noise as each foot falls to the snow covered wood. The trees hang, heavily laden with snow, their branches straining to rest against the white ground below them.
In the words of William Sharp, “There is nothing in the world more beautiful than the forest clothed to its very hollows in snow. It is the still ecstasy of nature, wherein every spray, every blade of grass, every spire of reed, every intricacy of twig, is clad with radiance.” Winter is beautiful. Yes, it is cold, and it is harsh. But winter is misunderstood. Winter is one of the most beautiful seasons, its snow sparkling as light touches the face of the blanketed ground.
This evening I curled up with my brother and dog, tears streamed down our faces as we came to the end of the movie Marley And Me. Both of us, laughed, trying to scare the tears away by pretending to be happy, the tears ran, but not away, they ran down our faces and continued to return. The dog slept quietly on the floor, his snoring muffled by the thick brown carpet.
Today, was a beautiful day, in the long run, weather doesn’t really matter, but it doesn’t hurt to have a glistening blanket covering the ground. To look out and see a million tiny stars decorating your front yard, to smell the fresh crisp smell of newly fallen snow. Ultimate Beauty.

Nourishment for the Personality

I sit here in this big empty house belonging to my cousins. The wind Howls outside, as does the kettle  on the stove. Lisa Hannigans voice fills my brain. As I sit and type there is a winter storm warning in effect. Fall is over. The trees dance in the wind to avoid the icy pellets the sky has released. Today, it is cold. Puddles of mud, ice, water and snow fill every little corner, as if hiding, just in case the sun decides to make an appearance.

My fingers wrap around the ocean blue cup. Fresh, warm green tea. The truth is, I should be doing homework right now, and in a way, I suppose I am, I am supposed to be working on writing, and this is writing, is it not? I would much rather just sit here, staring through the window that has been beaten by the rain. 

Today is a new day. As Steve Maraboli stated, “Today, many will break through the barriers of the past by looking at the blessings of the present. Why not you?” So, Why not you? It is time for change. Time to start fresh. “How?” you ask? I am not entirely sure, but I can assure you it is a fine idea. Here are some ideas to start.
  • Paint walls
  • Chop off hair
  • Go through clothes (get rid of the dry ones)
  • Share feelings
  • Be out of the ordinary
  • Add the “wow!” factor

My fingers slide across the black keyboard as steam rises off of my cup, Lisa Hannigan continues to enter my head. One moment as I return to the kitchen to put the kettle back on the stove for another cup.
The kettle softly whispers as I return the dining room and sit down in front of the picture window, the dog stares at me with big brown eyes and wet fur as she begs to be let in the house.

I need more colour. More colour in my life. So out with fall, and welcoming winter, creatively thinking of ways to brighten the brightest of colours, white. Winter is on its way, and nothing is ready for the long cold season.

My voice joins Lisas’ and I sing, with a smile on my face, and joy in my heart. Ready for another winter, another Christmas, another time in my life.

How Harold Became

Once upon a time, or to be more precise, on Wednesday the 30th of June. Alex and Tyler had kitchen prep. I chose to come along, because I was bored, and they were my friends. Upon starting our three hour shift, Tyler and I decided that we were very hungry because we hadn’t eaten or drank anything in a very long time. So we asked Alex if we could take a short walk to the Oxxo, to get some yogurt beverages. She agreed that we were allowed to do so. 

So we began our journey, stepping out the kitchens back door and we made our way to the Oxxo, where we purchased Yogurt drinks and lime chips. Upon our return to the base, we discovered a hole in the sidewalk, that was covered with a metal topper. We decided to see what was inside. Upon opening the door, we discovered some stairs leading down to a dirt path that seemed to go on forever. So, obviously we followed it, because we were searching for adventure.

We walked and walked, until we came upon a staircase leading upwards. We followed it up and entered through a hole created in the ground, that was covered by palm leaves. We were in the Amazon rain forest!! Before us was a short trail, that ended upon a river, at the end of the trail there was a boat and two paddles. Tyler and I hopped into the boat and started paddling down the river. After a long while we heard screaming noises… then we saw an oddly shaped human bobbing up and down in the water.

Tyler and I paddled up to him and quickly realized that he did not have any arms and legs, which was the reason he was drowning. So we reached over the boat and grabbed him by the ears and pulled him in with us. The man with no arms or legs was very very happy that we had saved him, and he informed us that he wanted us to come back to his village with him and meet his leader and people. So we agreed.

When we arrived onshore, the man started rolling down the trail, immediately we started following him running to keep up with his rolling. Shortly after, he turned towards us, and told us that we would have to roll behind him if we wanted to be accepted into his village. So, we got down on the ground, and rolled after him. Hours later we arrived and his village.

Upon hearing the story of how we saved the man, his leader and people were very happy to hear that we had saved him. So in return they asked us what we wanted, they explained that if we wanted we could stay with them and live there. This seemed like a good idea, until they explained that if we wanted to stay they would have to cut off our arms and legs. Tyler and I did not like this idea, because we, in fact, liked our arms and legs quite a bit.

So they told us we could have something else instead. They all started rolling towards a large tent. So we rolled after them. Inside the tent they built a large large fire, and miraculously, the tent did not burst into flames because it was made of fireproof material. They all lay around the fire and began chanting, then the fire erupted into a huge smokey explosion. And through the smoke, arrived Harold. 

Harold was a Fruit creature. And he was our gift from the village people. Harold, was quite cute, so we gladly accepted him. So we picked up Harold and started rolling away, (the proper way to exit the village) although, the village people were not so jazzed about this idea. Apparently, they had wanted us to stay and join their people. They stated rolling after us carrying axes in their mouths because they wanted to chop our arms and legs off and make us a part of their community, and we realized that they were gaining on us, because they were more used to rolling around.

So we stood up, keeping a strong hold of Harold, but being sure not to crush him, and we ran. We ran like there was no tomorrow. And we kept running until there was no trace of the village people behind us. All of a sudden we fell into the ground and found ourselves on a dirt path. We fell through the palm leaves on the ground!! We were back on the trail that we started! Better yet, we still had our yogurt drinks and lime chips! Tyler looked at the date on his watch and realized that it was Saturday the 3rd of July. We had been gone for three WHOLE days!! Alex was going to be concerned about us, and slightly upset that we had missed kitchen prep.

We made it down the path and found the stairs leading upward to the sidewalk beside the base. We climbed up the stairs, carrying Harold carefully and arrived on the sidewalk! We ran towards the kitchen with Harold, and found Alex standing in the kitchen. She asked if we had a good time at the Oxxo. We had been gone fore three days! And she hadn’t even noticed… Which means, time here stopped while we were gone! We told Alex, that yes, we had a great time at the Oxxo. And then, we showed her Harold, explaining that we had made him out of the left over fruit, so that we wouldn’t have to explain the fact that we had been to the Amazon rainforest.

She was very pleased with our fruit creature called Harold.

And THAT is how Harold became.