Saturday, 24 September 2011

How Harold Became

Once upon a time, or to be more precise, on Wednesday the 30th of June. Alex and Tyler had kitchen prep. I chose to come along, because I was bored, and they were my friends. Upon starting our three hour shift, Tyler and I decided that we were very hungry because we hadn’t eaten or drank anything in a very long time. So we asked Alex if we could take a short walk to the Oxxo, to get some yogurt beverages. She agreed that we were allowed to do so. 

So we began our journey, stepping out the kitchens back door and we made our way to the Oxxo, where we purchased Yogurt drinks and lime chips. Upon our return to the base, we discovered a hole in the sidewalk, that was covered with a metal topper. We decided to see what was inside. Upon opening the door, we discovered some stairs leading down to a dirt path that seemed to go on forever. So, obviously we followed it, because we were searching for adventure.

We walked and walked, until we came upon a staircase leading upwards. We followed it up and entered through a hole created in the ground, that was covered by palm leaves. We were in the Amazon rain forest!! Before us was a short trail, that ended upon a river, at the end of the trail there was a boat and two paddles. Tyler and I hopped into the boat and started paddling down the river. After a long while we heard screaming noises… then we saw an oddly shaped human bobbing up and down in the water.

Tyler and I paddled up to him and quickly realized that he did not have any arms and legs, which was the reason he was drowning. So we reached over the boat and grabbed him by the ears and pulled him in with us. The man with no arms or legs was very very happy that we had saved him, and he informed us that he wanted us to come back to his village with him and meet his leader and people. So we agreed.

When we arrived onshore, the man started rolling down the trail, immediately we started following him running to keep up with his rolling. Shortly after, he turned towards us, and told us that we would have to roll behind him if we wanted to be accepted into his village. So, we got down on the ground, and rolled after him. Hours later we arrived and his village.

Upon hearing the story of how we saved the man, his leader and people were very happy to hear that we had saved him. So in return they asked us what we wanted, they explained that if we wanted we could stay with them and live there. This seemed like a good idea, until they explained that if we wanted to stay they would have to cut off our arms and legs. Tyler and I did not like this idea, because we, in fact, liked our arms and legs quite a bit.

So they told us we could have something else instead. They all started rolling towards a large tent. So we rolled after them. Inside the tent they built a large large fire, and miraculously, the tent did not burst into flames because it was made of fireproof material. They all lay around the fire and began chanting, then the fire erupted into a huge smokey explosion. And through the smoke, arrived Harold. 

Harold was a Fruit creature. And he was our gift from the village people. Harold, was quite cute, so we gladly accepted him. So we picked up Harold and started rolling away, (the proper way to exit the village) although, the village people were not so jazzed about this idea. Apparently, they had wanted us to stay and join their people. They stated rolling after us carrying axes in their mouths because they wanted to chop our arms and legs off and make us a part of their community, and we realized that they were gaining on us, because they were more used to rolling around.

So we stood up, keeping a strong hold of Harold, but being sure not to crush him, and we ran. We ran like there was no tomorrow. And we kept running until there was no trace of the village people behind us. All of a sudden we fell into the ground and found ourselves on a dirt path. We fell through the palm leaves on the ground!! We were back on the trail that we started! Better yet, we still had our yogurt drinks and lime chips! Tyler looked at the date on his watch and realized that it was Saturday the 3rd of July. We had been gone for three WHOLE days!! Alex was going to be concerned about us, and slightly upset that we had missed kitchen prep.

We made it down the path and found the stairs leading upward to the sidewalk beside the base. We climbed up the stairs, carrying Harold carefully and arrived on the sidewalk! We ran towards the kitchen with Harold, and found Alex standing in the kitchen. She asked if we had a good time at the Oxxo. We had been gone fore three days! And she hadn’t even noticed… Which means, time here stopped while we were gone! We told Alex, that yes, we had a great time at the Oxxo. And then, we showed her Harold, explaining that we had made him out of the left over fruit, so that we wouldn’t have to explain the fact that we had been to the Amazon rainforest.

She was very pleased with our fruit creature called Harold.

And THAT is how Harold became.

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