Saturday, 24 September 2011

Comic Books, Cameras, And the USS Enterprise

I have come to a conclusion. 
I am a nerd at heart. 
    Many of you may already know this, but there aren’t very many things that make me happier than sitting down with a Harry Potter book, or a group of friends for a game of scrabble. I came to this conclusion today, while I was expected to be helping with chores outside, but instead I was lying in the snow, getting sat on by my huge yellow dog. And by sat on, I mean sat on. Literally. He sat his huge self down right on my stomach, making breathing a difficult task. 
    Yesterday I spent about three hours playing with my Nikon D200. Running test shots, and introducing myself to the camera, its many black buttons looking menacingly up towards me. Figuring out the modes and functions is a daunting task for those of us who tend to “Think” that we are technology savvy.
    Between creating posters for the schools drama group, and flipping through my collection of old superhero comics from the 1970’s, I would say my afternoon was well spent. Lennon lies in my lap, curled into a ball, tired from his adventurous day of running around outside in the second snowfall of the year. Speaking of which, have you ever noticed the while driving outside at night, in the snow, if you turn your brights on every snowflakes come hurtling towards you at un-imaginable speeds? To me they look like stars which makes me feel like I am Captain James T Kirk, flying my way through the galaxy in the USS Enterprise. Weird. I know.
   Tonight is Thursday. Thursday is Scrabble night. I plan on dominating. Again. 
The clock strikes 4:46 and its finally time to go downstairs and retrieve some coffee, or chocolate, or something. Either way, its time to take some more pictures.

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