Tuesday, 4 October 2011

70 reasons.

70 Reasons.

It was the weekend.  The leaves fell steadily from the trees as autumn hit us in full swing.  The lawn chairs on the front lawn surrounded cheese, crackers, iced chai tea, iced coconut coffee, nacho chips, jalapeño bean dip, and pumpkin cheesecake. It truly was an autumn feast.


Time was spent Exploring the yard and surrounding land, spending time with the animals (Melon the mentally deranged cat, Zephyr the dog, and Alice the llama) and enjoying the delicious food mentioned above.

I have a beautiful family, as strange as we are, we all seem to correspond to each other accordingly. Everyone was gathered together to celebrate my grandfathers birthday. My lovely cousins and aunt road-tripped out to our humble abode, Unfortunately my “Soon-to-be” Uncle Gerald was unable to make it, as he was sick in bed. It was so wonderful to have (almost) the entire family out at our place. Stories were shared, as well as smiles and laughter.

My grandfather is an incredible man. He has this uncanny ability to make someone smile, weather or not they know him, its just who he is.  He has a wonderful sense of humour, and though he may not ever seriously admit it, he is as wise as an owl, and as stubborn as an ox.

For his birthday, Abbey (visit the inglenook to see her post) organized a beautiful card. Her idea was to list 70 reasons why we loved him, this worked wonderfully, and we ended up not being able to put all the reasons on the card, as we had too many. A few of these reasons were as follows.
     -Your sneezes could wake the dead
     -You still ask me if you should come in with me when you drop me off at school, and I am 16 years old.
     -You still eat my pizza crusts
     -You’re my baseball partner
     -Your housecoat greetings
     -Your giving nature
I could continue on, but it is highly unlikely that you are aching to read through every one of the seventy reasons why we love a man that you don’t know. Regardless, the card was a smashing hit, and much loved.

My grandparents are adorable. Just thought you should know incase you hadn’t already taken note of that. They are two of the most generous, loving, and compassionate people I know, and they are a beautiful and inspiring couple.

Happy 70th birthday to my incredibly wonderful grandfather. You are genuinely the best, and I am so thankful for the constant smiles that you cause on the faces of your family. We love you Oh So Much.



  1. Aah, what a lovely weekend it was. Yes, we may be strange, but we are a pretty fantastic family, I must say. And we most definitely have the best grandparents. Ever. Seriously.

    Thank-you to you & your family for the amazing day. See you in two weeks! (And say hello to Henry for me. And Yeti, and Melon, and Alice, and Zephyr, and Kazan. Yes, I just put Kazan in with the animals.)



  2. pumpkin cheesecake sounds heavenly!! and all these leaves look amazing! i wish fall would hit here already!
    xo TJ

  3. It looks like your grandfather had an amazing birthday surrounded by a bunch of loved ones. Beautiful photography. I love the pic of your cat in the leaves. Lovely blog, I'm following. Hope you can stop by soon :)


  4. why thank you! hahah i do believe he resembles some sort of a pirate in that photograph :) i quite enjoy it :)