Wednesday, 26 October 2011

My Sincerest Apologies.

Oh my very dear and very few readers, I apologize again and again for abandoning you in your time of semi boredom. I cannot stress my apologies enough. My life has been full of busy-ness. Here are the things you have missed in the last little while.

     -Me running around the house and to and from the post office trying to get my school application sorted out.
     -My fabulous Aunts wedding.
     -Many sleepless nights due to my two handsom cats wrestling in my bedding at all hours of the night.
     -Adventures through old abandoned houses and de-railed train cars with That Guy.
     -My head spinning as i try to come up with something to study next year.
     -Halloween approaching fast!!

I am so, so sorry. I promise to be more frequent from now on, even if it is just a little something.


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