Saturday, 8 October 2011


For those of you that are interested, here is a post informing you all on the character of the place of my dwelling.

I have lived in this beautiful house since I was 4 years old. (until then I was a nomad/hippie child). The house itself, is ever changing. My father is a carpenter with a construction business, which means occasionally he takes time off to fix something, or add another entire room. Anyways, here is a bit of a photo-tour. It is not very in depth, but it shows the strange and unique personality of my family.
Sitting Room and Childhood Moccasins.                                 
 Decorative Teapots.
The Living Room Cat.
Paper Cranes.
The Bedroom Bear.
Windowsill Bird.
The Lovely Living Room.

I hope you enjoyed that rather sneak peak, I am so happy to be living where I am. As Abbey has mentioned, it truly is Rustically Magical.



  1. Sigh... I'm coming to live with you, okay? When you go to Hawaii, I shall take your place. I'll do all your chores and everything. ;)

  2. what a fine little sanctuary!

    i'm sure you're enjoying it :)

    xo flor