Saturday, 8 October 2011

The Return, and Blustery Fall Days.

 Yesterday night my childhood best friend returned home for Thanksgiving weekend. Alas, we were bound to spend some time together on the beautiful weekend that she had chosen to come home on. We sat on the front porch, drinking Ginger Tea and reminiscing about the old times. It was truly sublime. Afterwords, threw on our jackets, (leather and blazer) grabbed our cameras (canon and nikon) and trudged out into the field with the wind on our backs. 

Finally we arrived at the site of many pictures passed, Our old tire swing the we had crafted out of an ancient tire and rope, neither of which are highly trustworthy.
Our time spent together was such a blessing. Lots of laughs, plenty of shared photos, and warm cups of tea. 

It was good to be together again.

 Until a year ago we were inseparable. together, every single day of the week. we no longer live near each other, however somehow, the bond is still there, and it seems to be everlasting. It is friends like these that we get the privilege to be thankful for.

Happy Fall. Cheers!

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