Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Octobers Photo Post.

Just To Update you on the adventures through the lens of my Nikon......

Photo courtesy of my mother, the photography student.

 That Guy, being handsome and resembling a 1980's greaser.

Oh Lennon, my beautiful beautiful boy.

 And Raja, My other boy.

 Baby Ivy and her little grin.

 My cousin Abbey as we decorated for her mothers Wedding.

Photogenic Emma.

A thanksgiving view out of my cousins window.

Yet again. . . 

Spoons For coffee.

And of course, cream for coffee.

Oh so autumnal, have I mentioned, fall is my favorite?

Crisp fall weather, warm bonfires, and cozy moccasins. 

Early morning breakfasts with my Papa and ketchup.

Random llamas to harass on morning adventures.

Just thought I'd throw this in here, not that its photography, but, you know.. :)

All photos taken with a Nikon D200 equipped with a f 1.8 50mm lens.



  1. That first photo of you? Amazing. Tell your mother that I think she's an awesome photographer. And, where are those llamas? I want to come see them! Also, I look really creepy in that picture. That was a fun time. I quite enjoyed contorting our legs into unnatural positions.

    See you this weekend, possibly. :)

  2. Hahaha I shall i shall, They areee about 15 mins from my house, on an abandoned yard. There is a baby one :)